LNG Edo & LMG Abuja
LNG Edo & LMG Abuja

LNG Edo & LMG Abuja

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SECTOR/ACTIVITY: Liquid Natural Gas Trasnport
CUSTOMER: NAVANTIA Repairs & Conversion
OWNER: Angloeastern
LOCATION: El Ferrol – Dry Dock & Peers

  • Complete treatment of the Ballast Tanks, covering over 250,000 m2
  • Provision of scaffolding
  • Assembly and disassembly of scaffolding, 150,000 m3
  • High-pressure double-washing of all surfaces
  • Grade Sa2.5 / 3 blasting of all surfaces, including double-blasting of some tanks to remove some salt contamination
  • Complete paint scheme application, with over 250,000 m2 covered with a layer of Zinc Silicate 125 microns thick