GSF Arctic III
GSF Arctic III GSF Arctic III

GSF Arctic III

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SECTOR/ACTIVITY: Midwater floater. 1800 foot Semisubmersibles and drillship capable of operating in water depths less than 4,500 feet
CUSTOMER: ASTICAN Repairs & Conversion
OWNER: Transocean
LOCATION: Las Palmas de Gran Canarias. Docks

  • Tanks: 1,000 m2
  • Decks and accommodation: 7,240 m2
  • Columns and main braces: 11,000 m2
  • Completion in less then 45 days
  • Treatment of surfaces and assembly and dismantling of scaffolding
  • The treatment was completed on different areas of the platform; tanks, decks, accommodation, columns and brackets
  • Recovery of all abrasive used to avoid its falling into the sea
  • Installation of equipment and pipelines to complete this tank coating
  • Logistics of over 25 containers
  • Provision of scaffolding, 1050 tonnes
  • Assembly and disassembly of scaffolding, 50,000 m3
  • Isolation through protectively encapsulating the visible surfaces allowed us to recover the abrasive and paint remains so as to avoid residue and dust pollution
  • Water-jet cleaning of all surfaces
  • Grade Sa 2.5 blasting of all surfaces
  • Application of various paint methods from single-layer systems to 3-layer and 3-retouch systems over the entire surface